Easiest ways to build a new web site.

No HTML skill needed

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The easiest ways to build your new web site, without learning HTML tags, are:

1.) Microsoft Word. Compose your document in Microsoft Word, and save it. Select Save As and a dialogue box will appear, with a menu called Save as file type:. Scroll down and select HTML document. Microsoft Word writes an HTML page which appears in a browser the same as the Word document appears on your screen. This file is saved under the file name you specify. You will, of course, have to upload the file to a web hosting service before it will be on the Internet. Look into FileZilla.

2.) Mac. Compose your document in TextEdit, which automatically comes with your Mac, then save it as an HTML document. Use the free FileZilla software to upload to the remote server.

Web hosting

There are plenty of web hosting companies out there offering free hosting, as one option, and this is sponsored by their ads on your site. In any search engine, just search for “free web hosting”.

Don’t pay more than twenty United States dollars a month for web hosting and don’t pay more than twenty United States dollars a year for domain registration. When you set up a paid web hosting account, the hosting company will probably offer domain registration as a sideline. If not, go to http://misk.com or any of the other ICANN accredited domain registrars.

Pay for web hosting only one month at a time, without long-term contracts. One good option is http://eboundhost.com.

Don’t forget to transfer the web page from your hard drive to the remote host. Like, duh.

The above web hosting company offers web-based file upload, so for a very simple web site, you don't need to invest in Ipswitch WS_FTP software. For easy file uploads, consider FIRE_FTP, a free add-on for Firefox browser.

Important: If you don’t register your domain name through the hosting company, (and maybe even if you do), you’ll need to go back to the registrar’s site and change the DNS server information before your new web site can work. This is a simple procedure, it just sounds difficult. Log back into your new domain registration account and look for links about “Updating Domain Name Servers” or something similar. The domain name servers that handle this web site’s domain are NS10.EBOUNDHOST.COM and NS11.EBOUNDHOST.COM but you will use whatever DNS server information is supplied to you by the web hosting company. They might give you two sets of four numbers, IP addresses, instead.

Updating the domain name server information causes your new domain name to be pointed to the hosting company you selected.

One last point

Customers will not accept the excuse that your prices have gone up but you haven’t updated your web site. Any pricing information should have a firm expiration date.
If this site helps you build a web site, then feel free to add a link to this site on your new site.

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